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Joy-Spot: The Art & Science  of Happiness at Work
“Many new little initiatives have been started and talked about since the day you were here. People are passing around the thank you and I’m sorry cards (we did a big o’ pile of them). K has promised to start up her 15 minute yoga class again.”

- Al Vinni, Lawyer/Owner, McMurray Law Office 

Laughing Matters! Managing To Have Fun
"You have renewed an energy in our organization that we have not seen in sometime. Our employees have been overwhelmingly busy this past year and it was breathtaking and very encouraging to see the interaction and spirit that was in the room the day of your presentation.

Your skills as a presenter and motivator are spectacular. You were able to get employees up, moving and laughing on a Monday morning – that takes talent! To get a resident to cross the room and present an “invisible balloon” to a staff member was heartfelt and shows what life is truly about."

—Theresa MacFadyen, Coordinator, Human Resources & Robyn Bentley, Human Resources Advisor
Keynote - Laughing Matters! Managing To Have Fun
"The comments collected at the end of each session told us that this was a HUGE success, not only because of the large audience it attracted, but also because of the organizational learning around wellness that took place. It provided a rich educational opportunity for Public Servants during National Public Service Week!"

—Monique Dumont Program Manager for Direxion, Canada School of Public Service
Keynote - Better Than Money: The Power of Recognition
"Thank you so much for the Better Than Money keynote you provided to our People & Organization Development Portfolio Day on May 5, 2010. We enjoyed your energy, playfulness, multitude of apt examples, and how you were able to engage folks to interact. I would be delighted to recommend your Better Than Money presentation to others who would like to provide their people with an entertaining, practical and thought-provoking speaker."

—Geoffrey Crampton, Vice President, People & Organization Development
Government of Canada National Managers Community
Rock, Paper, Scissors: Strategies for Cooperation
What I especially appreciate is...

"Your samples/visuals, humour! The concrete examples that we can take back to our day job, the active exercises to get us up and out of the chairs, talking to others. The delivery, the honesty, the comfortable environment. Carol Ann’s warm facilitation style. Strategies for dealing with difficult situations. Openness and transparency. It was fun and insightful, thank you!" —Participant comments
Get F.I.T. - Having Fun in Training
What I especially appreciate is...

"Carol Ann’s energy, warmth and expertise -Lively leadership, happy fun, great presence -Well prepared, credible, energetic -Great spirit and energy -Carol Ann is great and content very relevant If you weren’t engaged, I’d check for a pulse!" —Participant comments
Joy of Giving
"You met and surpassed all of our goals for this event. You were engaging and entertaining, prepared and well-organized, professional yet warm and intimate, and inspiring and enlightening. You created a magical vibe in the room that will long be remembered."

—Julie Sito, Board Member, Port Moody Foundation
Dance of Equilibrium: - Balancing Work & Life 
"Focus on getting attendees to think more positively, understand their goals and set up plans for how to meet them and to reflect upon the positive things in their lives. Attendees appreciated the upbeat lively delivery and thought provoking messages."

—Denise Buchanan, Vice President, Human Resources
Canadian Society for Association Executives
Dance of Equilibrium: Balancing Work & Life
What I especially appreciate is...

"Touch of heart and sincerity! -Knowing that my goals count! -The candidness of the talk! -Making me think about what I CAN do! -Real stories/examples bring reality!"
—Participant comments
Just When I Thought I Had It All Together Somebody Moved It!
Managing Transition & Change
"Very interactive and therefore kept our attention well. Great opportunity to hear what others are feeling. • Very dynamic and lots of involvement from attendees – really made you look “outside the box” and think creatively. • Lots of pretty cool activities and team brainstorming! It’s good to hear other people's viewpoints regarding change."

—Participant comments
Facilitation Retreat
"From the very beginning of the planning process you demonstrated great enthusiasm and interest in our project, and invested large amounts of time in learning about our project. You then custom designed a day-long program of activities, workshops and exercises. The feedback from all participants was uniformly positive, and for me personally the day far exceeded my most optimistic expectations." 

—Hillel Goelman, Director
Native Education Centre
Can We Talk?
"Thank you for facilitating a wonderful workshop for us at our professional development event. Your facilitation skills are superb and provided a safe and supportive atmosphere for some real learning and possibility of change. Not only was the workshop fun and interactive but also your content was precise, easy to remember and we had a chance to practice and develop real skill. The Can We Talk? workshop on conflict resolution provided us all with tools for dealing with the emotions and conflicts that are inevitable in a workplace. All of us enjoyed the workshop and we hope to use your expertise in future sessions."

—Dan Guinan, Academic Dean Native Education Centre

Carol Ann Fried

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